28 October 2007


mmmmm Lucky Stars, they look good enough to eat. Yes, paper-flavored candies loaded with fiber!

Made for someone that likes origami, but doesn't have the patience/skill for it o.O Started it I *think* sometime in September and just now got around to finishing it X.x Oh well, better late than never.

Don't remember how many stars are in that bag, which is about 4.5x3x3

Now to finish that *other* bag ;_;


24 October 2007

Oh Noes!

I gave in and started myself a blog....just like everyone else (yay for conformity!) Nah, Wayne suggested that I should get a one. Yes, "should" as in "requirement." :O

So, over the next few days I'll be posting some random gibberish as well as some projects that I've started and really want neeed to finish.