18 November 2007

Drifting Away

Needed to get something off my chest, but at the same time not wanting to blurt it out to everyone. Figure the best way to do this was to write it in a completely different alphabet.


12 November 2007

At least they will not wither to death …

Well, been meaning to make a new flower arrangement for some time now (the first can be found here), so I kinda started on one over the weekend. Only a few for now, expect the full dozen in about a month or so. Each bud made from a single sheet of paper, with the calyx being a separate sheet. Be a neat thing to do again for Valentine's Day; spray a little bit of rose water (I'm all out x.x) to make them smell nice :)

Did think about giving them (some) to someone, but kinda having second thoughts on it now x.x


05 November 2007

Getting back into the Maya

Now that I've gotten a spiffy new keyboard, it's time to get back to the Maya \m/ For the past week or so, been building a faerie based on an illustration on one of my tarot cards. Still a lot of work needs to be done on the face.

I am *not* looking forward to modeling the hair ¬_¬

left is default, right is mesh-smoothed


01 November 2007

Random artwork

Had to stitch the scans together as someone was using the large format printer -- even though that printer still isnt large enough.

Soon as I get a better scan, I'll be coloring her