13 March 2009


Shit happens, things change, time flows, deal with it.
It is almost as if someone or something above is controlling you like a marionette in some children's theater. It has gotten to the point that I could predict which is the next of my strings that will get tugged.

What do you folks do to cope with things? Pretty sure some of you cry until the tears flow no more or draw, but I, I do origami. So after a shitacular Fall semester all I finally did the one that I wanted to do ever since I made that first crane oh so many years ago.

According to a Japanese legend, whoever folds 1000 paper cranes will get their one wish granted.

One wish.

Enclosed in this jar are 999 paper cranes with the last sheet of paper unfolded.

I only get one and I'm not about to waste it on something stupid. Will the last crane ever be folded? One day, maybe.

At least i can give my fingers a little rest now