24 December 2007

12 Days of Origami - day 4

Crishy want it, she got it =P
Zerg Hydralisk!

paper was a bit on the thick side, it tore in a few places ;_;


23 December 2007

12 Days of Origami - days 2 & 3

Yea, i know I missed a day =P so here's 2 models

Betsy wanted a turtle

and here's today's - a frog


22 December 2007

12 Days of.......Origami

This is kinda of a spur of the moment thing and to relieve boredom over winter break x.x

Twelve days, with each day being a different origami object, something I've never created before =) This was meant to go up on the 21st, looks like I missed it by 15 minutes or so. However, it *IS* still the 21st in California, so =P

Today's (yesterday, rather) object is a 'hawk' suggested by Shannon.

Want me to make something? IM or Facebook me your suggestions