16 May 2008

Summer project - The Runaways kids in 3D

To keep me busy over the 3 (4?) months of nothingness between semesters and to do some work in Maya, I'm attempting to create some of the Runaways kids into 3D models in Maya.


Originally planned on starting with Molly (adorable!) but already had a few parts in my "morgue" that would go well with someone in their mid/late teens. So Karolina it is.

Currently just the body, need to tackle the hair and clothing now x.x
only head shots at the moment, others will be uploaded later.


Betsy Bauer said...

Looking cool so far!

T-squared said...

Very nice! Is that in poly's converted to sub-d's or just nurbs?

"Mittens" said...

it's all poly. the image on the right is what it would look like if all smoothed out

(hit '3' for a smoothed preview of your mesh)

Wayne Parker said...

Nice John, you should do well this year. You'll be the guy everyone secretly envies for your modeling prowness, lol.